Today’s post is a little more chatty than usual, but it is a topic that I am very keen to share with you. The Debt Free Community. If you frequent the realm of Instagram and have an interest in saving money, making money or paying off debt you probably already know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, allow me to explain.

The Debt Free Community

In the land of the internet there is a wonderful world filled with people just like you and I. They are on a mission to become debt free and enjoy financial freedom. Many of them have already succeeded! If you search the hashtag #debtfreecommunity on social media you find this wonderful world that I speak of and all of the people that are responsible for creating it.

Much like this blog, most choose to be anonymous. Unfortunately debt is still a rather taboo subject and something we are all likely embarrassed about to some degree. The one great positive that comes from that however is the shear honesty of every single account. Members of the debt free community share everything. The highs, the lows and even the most average of days that, let’s be honest, we all find the most relatable.

One of the things I love most is that it is common for people to share their starting debt total, their current debt total and of course their progress too. For me personally the visual of the numbers on the screen is both inspiring and motivating. It is also something that I recommend everyone do, privately or publicly, in order to take control of their finances. Having your numbers in front of you makes them real and forces you to deal with them.

Tips, tips, tips!

Naturally, one of the biggest benefits of the debt free community is the shear volume of advice that is shared from account to account. As everyone progresses through their own journey, taking their own approach, others discover a whole knew perspective.

It is a wonderful opportunity to learn from others’ experiences, mistakes and successes. The mistakes especially. If you can avoid taking the same five steps back on your journey because someone has shared their own story, you’re already in a much stronger position.

From the obvious yet important guidance to “make sure you have a budget in place”, through to simple tips like “here is my favourite survey site in case you’re looking to make a bit more money this week”. The variety and sheer quantity of advice available means that there is absolutely something for everyone.



Of course, the most valuable part of the debt free community is the reassurance that you are not alone. If you have debt, you will know how impactful it can be on life. On your ability to control your money. The way you can spend your money and therefore your time. Most of all, it can impact you mentally and emotionally. It can be really difficult to deal with.

Being surrounded by people who are from all walks of life, but on the same page as you when it comes to your debt free journey is comforting. It might not remove your debt, but it does remove some of the fear surrounding it. The debt free community provides reassurance that with an awareness of and structured approach towards money, you can become debt free and stay that way. That is truly wonderful.



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