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Quite often it can feel like you’re just spending more money than you’re making, but you simply don’t know on what and you never really have anything to show for it. This is cycle that a lot of people are in and although it feels impossible at times to get out of, you definitely can get out of it just by implementing some simple things, so in this post, we’re going to share with you some of the ways that you can reduce your monthly outgoings so that you’ll hopefully have a little left over at the end of the month to spend as you wish or put into savings for the future.

Make a budget:

A lot of people shy away from making a budget because they think it’s too complicated, but actually a budget is just a simple way for you to track what comes in each month and what goes out. You can use a notepad to do this or a spreadsheet – there’s really no right or wrong, but it’s just about staying on top of things so you can see where your money is going and so you know what you have and don’t get any nasty surprises you weren’t expecting.

Look at small things you can cut back on:

Although the small things many of us buy throughout the month – those things like the coffee on the way to work or the impulse buy at the checkout don’t seem like much at the time, usually since it’s maybe only a few dollars here and there, those things soon add up at the end of the month and if you were to sit down and add it all up, you’d see just how high a number it can be. So making a list of all the things you really don’t need throughout the month and then trying to make some cuts there could be a great first step to reducing your outgoings and leaving you with something left over.

Sell your car:

Although it may seem like quite an extreme measure, a car is definitely a big expense, so if you’re able to sell it, then this could definitely free up a big chunk of your monthly outgoings. If you’re not able to sell it, then a good way to make sure it’s not going to cost you a really big chunk of change anytime soon is by getting it regularly maintained and checked at your Nearest Vauxhall Body Repair Shop.

Take public transport:

If you still need to keep your car, then you can still save money on the running costs by not using it as much – you could take public transport to work, for example, which is definitely a lot cheaper than driving and will help when it comes to reducing your monthly outgoings.

Try to get your bills reduced:

Many people don’t actually know that this is an option, but if you speak to your providers such as your electricity, internet and even mobile phone companies, many of them will be more than happy to change the plan you’re on and allow you to save money. You just have to ask.

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