The days are disappearing and so it’s as important as ever for me to keep my monthly targets top of mind. Sharing a goals update with you last month really helped me to keep on track with them so I’ve decided to make it a regular, mid-month post. Here is my goals update for November 2018.


Boost my side income:

This is going really well! So far this month I have sold two things on Ebay and made over £40 on Prolific Academic doing surveys. I’m now almost halfway to my target of making £200 extra in November which makes me really happy and reassures me that I won’t struggle to afford bills and debt payments. Work has also picked up again, thank goodness, so hopefully I can make more of an income from freelancing before the month finishes.

Begin a sinking fund for next year:

With two weddings, two hen dos, my honeymoon, a 30th birthday, a 60th birthday and several other big celebrations next I wanted to make sure I was making a start on saving for them all. Yes our own wedding is paid for and the honeymoon is pretty much there, spending money included, but everything else needs to be covered.

I’ve made a small start, with £40 put away into my savings pot. This sounds like very little, but I’ve worked out that if I put roughly £55 into savings each month everything should be covered so I’m not doing too badly!

Clear another £500 of my second credit card:

As work has been slowing down for winter, I’ve made a bit of a revision on my debt payment goal. I would absolutely love to clear as much of my final credit card as I can before Christmas, however my tax payment has a pressing deadline and I do need to make sure I will be able to make minimum payments across December and into the New Year.

Small amounts will continue to be paid towards my card here and there, but my focus will be on my final goal until it is complete and I know that I am prepared for my quietest working months.

Finish saving my tax payment:

With roughly ten weeks to go until the tax return deadline (if you haven’t sorted your own yet, get started now. It will save you a lot of hassle and stress in January!) I am getting very close to hitting my goal. I needed to save roughly £1200 in order to cover all of my payments this year. I will know the exact amount when I complete the forms but I like to be prepared for the worst case scenario. Thanks to my first goal, making more money on the side, I’m really pushing towards my total now and will hopefully be completing my tax return in early December.


My goals have already needed some adjustment this month, but I’m being flexible and ensuring that the important things are covered. It is great to try and storm ahead with debt payments, but bills need paid and my tax return is non-negotiable. Once those are covered I can get back to my debt snowball!

How are you getting on with your goals? Let me know in the comments and be sure to join in with the linky myself and Charlotte host!

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