We are now in September and it is time to set some goals for the new month.his is the bit I get excited about. I love making plans and writing lists. It always gets me motivated to get a move on and take action. Here are my goals for September 2018.

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You can read my goals for August 2018 here.

My goals for September 2018:


Pay off my Halifax credit card.

This is a repeat goal from last month but this time it’s going to the top of the list. There is just under £350 left on this credit card and so I know I can definitely pay it off and cut it up in September. It was my first credit card and the one that started it all for me, so I’m very excited for this day to come!

Try out “no spend days”.

This is something I’ve seen other money bloggers talking about but I’ve never tried it myself. No spend days are just as they sound. Days when you don’t spend any money. These will be especially helpful on days when I think about popping out to the shops but don’t really need anything.

The idea is that you track them as you go and set a goal for a certain number throughout the month. I’m going to set myself a goal of 20 in September. I’m not sure how realistic this is, but I’ll give it a try. All going well, they’ll help me save more money.

Have a clear out.

More specifically I want to clear out the “stuff” cupboard and list anything that might be suit for selling on Ebay. We all have that cupboard at home that we put things in “just for now” or to get them out of the way when we have guests, but then we never do anything with all that stuff! I know I have a lot of toiletries that I could do with using for a start, so that will save me money alone. Then there are the piles of art supplies and crafty bits. It’ll be interesting to see what I find!

Grow my Etsy business.

If you read my post last week about how I earn an income from my sofa, you will know that I have an Etsy shop. I do get regular sales in my shop but the income I make is very small. Naturally, I’m keen to change this. I’ve reading up on Pinterest quite a lot over the last couple of weeks and I think this is the way to go in terms of marketing and increasing traffic. My shop sells digital wedding products, so I feel like Pinterest users are my ideal customer.


So there they are, my goals for September 2018. I’m finding four goals manageable. They help keep me motivated and focused, without being overwhelming!


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14 Replies to “My goals for September 2018”

    1. Oh I’ll need to send you a message about Etsy then 🙂 I’m sat working on my listings right now and of course it is taking forever!!

  1. Some great goals Emma – it will be such a good feeling to pay that card off! I struggle with imposing no spend days on myself but I have definately cut down what I spend in general x

  2. Couldn’t find your etsy shop link! Curious to see what do you sell 🙂

    No spend days are great for saving, I’m pretty much a saver all the time and I believe most of the reason why is that I have lots of days that are no spend days. Hopefully it’s a good way for you to save more.

  3. Beautiful products in your Etsy shop, I’m sure you’ll have no problem hitting that goal!
    I’ve just set up my own Etsy shop but really don’t know how to make the best of it, I have a few other projects I’m working on, so maybe that’ll be a goal for me next month.
    Good luck with the rest of your goals too 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Katie 🙂 I’m the same, I always try and do multiple things at once! Take your time with it and try and find some free resources to guide you on how best to set up your shop and listings. I’m sure etsy themself have a lot of good material, and a blog, but I’m terrible and have never really looked into them.

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