We are now in October and it is time to set some goals for the new month. This is the bit I get excited about. I love making plans and writing lists. It always gets me motivated to get a move on and take action. Here are my goals for October 2018.

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My goals for October 2018:


Buy all my Christmas gifts.

This might sound like a strange goal. I’m planning to spend money! My thinking is, if I sort out all of my Christmas presents in October this will help me to spread the cost of the festive season. Gifts are just one of the many things we need to fork out for in December with food, drink, nights out and decorations all costing a lot of money.

In the past Christmas has crept up on me and I have been left very strapped for cash moving into the new year. This year I am preparing so that credit cards and savings are left untouched and I can enjoy a debt free Christmas. As I know exactly who I need to buy for I can plan and buy everything I need now and store them away ready for the big day.

Continue with “no spend days”.

Last month I set myself the task of having 20 no spend days. If you read this post at the end of September you will know that I succeeded. Not only that, but I noticed a huge difference in my spending habits as a result. Making a note of my expenses each day helped me to become more aware of where all those small amounts of money were going. On more than one occasion I even decided against a purchase in order to achieve a no spend day.

This month, I’m setting myself the same goal. 20 no spend days in October. I’m going to be out a lot this month doing things like pumpkin picking and Christmas shopping so this could be tricky. The positive impact it has on my spending is absolutely worth it though and I’m excited to see how I do!

Clear £500 of my second credit card.

Just over a week ago I paid the final balance on my first credit card and said goodbye to it for good. I cannot describe to you just how incredible that felt! Naturally I am now on a mission to clear my second and final credit card as quickly as possible.

As I have explained previously, my income is irregular. It is never possible for me to determine exactly how much I will earn in any one month. Based on previous months however, I think this huge goal might be just about possible. My minimum payments for my loans total £347. This £500 will be on top of that. I have my work cut out, but I’m excited to see what I can manage.

Save half of my tax payment.

As I am self-employed I need to complete my own tax return. This year I have been so focused on my debt payments and emergency fund that I have completely forgot to set money aside for tax. Not a clever move!

Thankfully I still have a couple of months to prepare. In October I would like to try and set aside half of the total I need. I’m expecting December to be a slow month, and November could be too, so I would like to save the majority now. Of course next year I will be far more prepared. I will begin setting aside the right amount of tax from day one. There is no need for extra money stress, especially when self inflicted!



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10 Replies to “My Goals for October 2018”

  1. Some great goals – I have made a small start on my Christmas shopping but I’ve saved money all year for it this time which is an achievement in itself for me so I’m planning to hold out for some Black Friday offers! Good luck with it!

    1. Thank you Melissa 🙂 Oh fantastic, that will make such a difference to your outgoings in December knowing you don’t need to use your pay cheque for christmas!!

  2. Loved reading your goals! I’m very impressed at your goal to buy all of you Christmas presents this month, I wish I was as organised! It’ll be so lovely to relax on the run up to the reason with that pressure off your shoulders.

    1. Thankfully I don’t have too many to buy for this year Grainne, so I just wanted it done and out the way ASAP! Leaves more wiggle room for unexpected outgoings in november and december too 🙂

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