My first goal setting post!!

This is the bit I get excited about. I LOVE setting goals and making plans and writing lists. It always gets me motivated to get a move on and take action. What I would say though, is that I do often find myself losing motivation and chopping and changing my goals quite often too and so this is something I need to bare in mind and try and try and tackle. Here are my goals for July 2018.

My goals for July 2018:

  • Save £500 for my emergency fund. Anyone who has been in the #debtfreecommunity for more than five minutes will understand the importance of having an emergency fund. Add to this the unpredictability of being self-employed and this is a vital first stepping stone for me!
  • Put £1000 into debt payments. I want to make a good start on my debt payment this month. Once the emergency fund is in place, the first £1000 is going straight to debt!
  • Find one new income method. As you will have seen if you read my Starting Point post here you will know that I currently only make money from my freelance work and through Prolific Academic. I want to diversify my income so this is an important one this month!
  • Take time to nurture my mental health. The main focus of this whole journey for me is of course money and debt payment. What I have recognised however is that I need to pay attention to my mental health if I want to remain motivated and productive. I’m not sure what I will be doing yet and how I will be looking after myself, but it’s something I want to spend some time on. This is definitely a topic I want to explore in more detail in a future post.

So there they are, my goals for July 2018. I’ve kept it simple with just four. I think the fewer I set, the more focus I can give to each and the greater chance I have of achieving them all!

My Goals for July 2018

You can find my lifestyle blog Sunshine and Rain here, where I chat about my more day to day, non-financial goals.

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