Although Autumn does not officially begin until the end of the month the days are definitely cooling down. It was almost cold enough in my house to put the heating on the other day. It felt ridiculous considering the warm weather we’ve had this summer. I opted for a jumper instead, but there must be some other ways to keep my heating costs low! After doing some reading I have come up with some ideas that will help you to save £100 on your heating bills.

Turn your heating on in every room.

This first tip might seem a little bit backwards. Put heating on in ALL the rooms to keep costs down? Surely that will cost more! It actually helps your house to stay warm if you keep your heating on at a low level throughout instead of having it turned up high in just one space. Your home is insulated around the walls and the roof. Any heat within the house will dissipate through thinner walls anyway. Keeping your heating on lower for longer is more efficient on your heating bills than short blasts of high temperatures.

Use a timer.

This is something that many boilers have built in but you may need to purchase a remote timer for your boiler if you don’t already have one. Set your boiler to turn on at a time that suits your routine. Say you get up at 7am for example, have your boiler turn on at 6am for two hours so that your house is nice and toasty when you get up. If in the evenings you normally notice the house getting cold around 6, have your boiler set to come on again at 5 so that it helps to combat the heat loss.

The important thing is that you get to know your house and it’s cooling habits. Then you can adjust your timer to suit. It is said to be cheaper to heat your house on a low temperature for longer than to have your boiler on for a short time at a high temperature. In other words, having your thermostat at 3 for three hours is better than having it at 5 for two hours.

Close your curtains and blinds.

It might not seem possible to save much energy with a piece of fabric but closing your curtains and blinds can in fact make a big difference in your home. That small extra layer between your room and the outside cold will help to reduce heat loss. If you have thicker curtains, these will help you to keep the heat in even more. We have lovely thick ones in our living room that make all the difference in winter. It is not necessary to change your decor for this reason alone, but if you are planning to redecorate a room it might be a good idea to take this into consideration.

Try Bulb.

I’m excited about this one! I want to share Bulb with you for two reasons. Firstly, my fiance and I switched to them recently when we realised we could save a massive £177 per year. We had only switched to a new supplier a couple of months ago and wouldn’t normally bother looking into anything new so soon, but after doing a quick quote check we decided to go for it. The switch was done in a just couple of minutes online.

The second reason I’m excited to share Bulb with you is because on top of the saving you could potentially make I have a referral code that will give us both £50 if you choose to switch. We used a friends referral code and the £50 was credited to our count, saving us even more on our heating bills. That means a total of £227! I’m really chuffed with that. This is the referral code here where you can get your quote from Bulb quickly. If you do choose to use it, thank you!

You can of course then share your own referral code with friends and family. Bulb have written their own blog post explaining why this is a good idea. You can read it here.


Every penny counts for me right now as I try and pay off my debt as quickly as possible. Heating bills are of course only a small part of our outgoings each month, but every small amount that can be put towards becoming debt free is worth it. Of course old classics like putting on a jumper and cosy socks, or sitting with a blanket over my knees will always remain my firm favourites. I do love a cosy day in the house after all!

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