As I make progress towards becoming debt free, I am making it a priority to educate myself more about money. I want to have a better understanding of handling finances, financial mindsets and many other useful topics. My favourite way of doing this is reading. This is a part of my journey that I’m particularly keen to share with you as I believe you could get a lot of value from it. This month I would like to share Get Rich, Lucky Bitch.

Finance book of the month – Get Rich Lucky Bitch

Now on first reading of the title you’re probably having the same reaction that I did. That sounds like a really obnoxious book and definitely won’t be for me. I really want to urge you to look past the title and read on because this book has been incredibly beneficial to me!

I wouldn’t blame you for assuming that the book’s pages are filled with get rich quick schemes and tips on how to make a million in your first week, however this couldn’t be further from reality. In fact, the author focuses with great importance on incremental change and simplicity. This one portion of the book alone has been invaluable for me.

I have a bad habit of covering my noticeboard and planner in a lot of different goals. Instead, I now have one simple goal set and marked clearly. I’ve found myself more focused and intentional as a result. My brain isn’t jumping from one to the other and therefore neither are my actions.

Mindset is also a key factor in Denise Duffield-Thomas’ book, but not in the outlandish way that many books use it. Denise spends many of the pages focusing on money mindset and blocks. She takes a healthy approach to handling bad money memories and encourages you to deal with and clear them. Then you go on to explore and adapt your current money habits in order to move forward.

Most importantly she encourages you to become comfortable with the idea of money. Being rich doesn’t make you a bitch and it certainly doesn’t come from luck. It’s OK to want more. Having a lot of money will not make you a bad person. It opens up opportunities and gives you freedom.

A book that first appeared very over the top and aggressive to me actually turned out to be one of the most common sense pieces I’ve read in a long time. Get Rich Lucky Bitch isn’t about making your fortune at all. It is about becoming familiar with yourself and your behaviours and growing these gently over time in order to achieve the big life goals you have your heart set on, without fear of judgement.

You can find Get Rich, Lucky Bitch here. (This is an affiliate link. I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you choose to use it. Thank you!)


I absolutely encourage you to begin reading (or listening to audiobooks) as part of your debt free journey. Not only do you learn something as a result, but it also allows you some time to switch off from your debt and all the other goings on in life and just focus on the book in hand.

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