With energy prices through the roof, food costs every increasing and wage increases essentially non existent for most in the UK I wanted to write a handful of posts looking at some options for saving money in our homes. No matter what we are being charged we all still need to eat, wash our clothes and heat our homes. I may not have all the answers but hopefully I can help with a couple of simple suggestions that, if you have the means, could make a difference in your home and in your pocket. In this post I’m asking the question “does an air fryer save you money”?

What is it?

Let’s begin with what it is. An air fryer is essentially a mini oven. Using a heating element and a strong fan, the small cooking compartment can be used to roast and bake a variety of foods. As the drawer is around a third of the size of a standard oven or less it uses far less energy to heat the space and can cook food in a shorter time whilst keeping it crispy. A faster cooking time and less energy used means a cheaper cost to run!

How much do they cost?

After a quick search online the average cost of an air fryer at time of writing is around ¬£50-150. There are some options at far higher price points with all the bells and whistles which look great but aren’t necessary. There are also some lower price options which are often described as compact and possibly ideal for an individual who isn’t cooking a large amount of food.

In terms of running cost, the average air fryer is said to cost 13p per use. Roughly half the price of running an electric oven.

Where can I find one?

You can buy an air fryer from almost anywhere now, from appliance specialists, to supermarkets and of course online. Amazon have this one available on prime and with great reviews, as well as so many other models available. Make sure to check the size, or volume capacity, when looking to purchase as some may be far too big for what you need, or far too small to accommodate your whole household.

What can I cook with it?

One of my first questions was “what can I actually cook with an air fryer”? Well according to social media, basically anything. I have seen so many recipes from simple fish fingers to whole roast chickens and even someone baking bread. I’m no chef, so I’ll share this link to a great recipe feed that I found which will hopefully give some good ideas.

Does an air fryer save you money?

So, does an air fryer save you money? I think the fair answer is yes, definitely. If you are in the fortunate position to be to afford one they are a brilliant investment. They will cost half the price of a conventional oven to run, you won’t lose all of the heat inside every time you open the door and they will have your dinner ready for you much faster too.

The obvious downside is of course the cost. With the cost of living going up more and more people are looking to save money. Suppliers have noticed the demand for appliances like air fryers and put the prices up. My advice would be to keep an eye on sales and also on the middles aisles, you know the ones I mean!


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