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There are lots of ways to stay creative. We all need an outlet in our lives to escape to and being creative, with photography, or crafting or maybe baking, is important. How do you go about being inspired every day, inspiring others and embracing creativity in the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Let’s look at some great ways you can be creative and some key events throughout the year which lend themselves to making super fun stuff.

Daily Life

In my daily life, I do a lot of graphic design and image selection for blogging. I also love to create eBooks and online courses which need a certain style of branding in order for them to be marketable. Then there is social media posting, website design and all the other creative aspects of running a business. At home, especially as we are in a relatively new home, putting your own stamp on things is key. Whether that’s selection colours for the walls and units, or choosing wallpaper from a host of samples. It can also be nice to using creative talents to give personality to your home. That could be making posters for your walls or download photos that you adore to fill your frames with. You could even find yourself creating invitations for a house warming or anniversary party. I think staying creative and having a creative outlet for things in everyday life helps your mental health too.

New Businesses

New businesses often need a whole heap of creativity pumping into them. Getting a new business of the ground is difficult and requires lots of hard work, but having some creative assets to hand certainly helps. You need to figure out the name of the business, the branding, the logo,the colours, the packaging of your products and so much more. Lots of us are taking the chance and stepping out in faith, launching businesses that we’ve always reamed of. How about using something in your logo which shows that? You could draw something which matters to you, part of your history or find a downloadable illustration of something significant. How about an eagle svg which you can use on your boxes? “To soar with eagles all you need to do is believe that you can fly.” Could be a great quote to live by in your business life. You might also need some business cards, brochures and flyers. 


One of the most fantastic times of the year is Christmas. Festive films, holiday treats, twinkling lights and so much more! When you start looking for Christmas downloadables you’ll find easy to use Father Christmas files, Snowman downloads and even a deer head svg which you can use on your Christmas products. Maybe you’re getting creative with crafting with Christmas cards and other festive products which can be sold at a Christmas craft fair? The creation of these things is just step one. The branding, marketing and selling of them is also important. Create a product that looks fantastic and delivers the entire package and your customers will part with their cash. 


If you like to plan events and put on the best parties, you can create your own birthday invitations and much more! There is lots of design and crate for a party. From the invites and the banners to the party bags that guests take home with them at the end of the day. Maybe you can make your own personalised birthday card for the birthday boy or girl by using some downloaded assets. Birthdays are always worth celebrating and when you add that little extra personal touch, you’re putting a bigger smile on the face of the recipient. You could even plan other events, maybe even your wonderful wedding invitations, super setting plan and fabulous favours. This could even be the start of a brand new business of wedding planning!

Everything Else

There is loads more that you can do with downloadable products you can find online. From Lightroom presets and scrap booking templates to clothing mock ups and landing pages for websites. Photographs of exotic animals and social media elements to fabulous fonts and presentation templates. You can even find affordable bundles which offer great value for money than buying individual assets. There’s so much content just a few clicks away! You can discover some of the best royalty free Even if you’re not that creative, you can find things online that you can download easily to help give you the creative edge.